Been maintaining this list for a while now, but figured it was time to go public. Meet Onebag-zilla!

This list isn't intended to cover all bags, but represents the more popular and unique onebag carry options.

The sheet is locked down, but comments are enabled, so let me know if there are any errors, or any bags which onebaggers would find useful. You can create filters to hone in on options which meet most criteria you might want.


  • 19-Aug-18: First public release.


Been maintaining a list of ultralight tents for a few years now, and so figured it was finally time to publish the link officially. The list contains the more popular 1 and 2 person 'ultralight' tents, typically under 2.5 pounds.

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For now the sheet is restricted to not allow editing. Unfortunately it's just too much work to monitor from stupid. However, comments are enabled, so feel free to let me know if you find any errors, or find a tent that you'd like to see on the list. Hope you find it helpful!


  • 10-Jul-18: New X-Mid from Dan Durston; updated specs from Six Moons Design; Notch dimensions changed.
    Added Sealed, Inner columns. Standard 50g is added to non-sealed tents.
    Updated all tent prices, URL, weight, and dimensions.
  • 23-Jun-18: New Pleximid, and tent updates from ZPacks.



Choice is easily my favorite skin port so far. Beautifully minimalist, with a nice splice of color, fits a slightly formal feel.



In the past I'd registered my domain names through GoDaddy, simply because they were at the time the cheapest, and options were limited. Today there are many other domain registrars, and I finally had enough with the continous up-selling push that GoDaddy puts me through everytime I try to use their domain manager. So I decided to switch to NameCheap. They have a good reputation, prices are reasonable, and their domain manager is simple, clean, and doean't continually try to sell me on things I don't want. Moving domain names between registrars is easy enough, but there are a few gotchas that I thought I'd note. Most of the sneakyness occurs on the GoDaddy side, where things aren't very well documented.

In order to transfer a domain from one provider to another, you need an EPP code. You request the EPP code from your current registrar, for each domain name. You then initiatie the transfer from the new registrar, and provide the EPP code as a means of authorization.


Equilibrium was the start of my minimalist period. The skin was designed for displaying thumbnail images on the main page summary list, and even now has a pretty unique look. Even when it's used in a more non-image blog, it still looks great, nicely grid-aligned.


On schedule this time, 4 weeks after the last release, Blogit 1.6.0 is ready, and brings the ability to run custom code pre/post BlogIt events, easy RSS configuration, and finally a fix to a sporadic but elusive problem where blog dates would randomize (thank PHP strtotime for that one).

Huge thanks this time goes out to OtherMichael who worked through a pretty long debug cycle to narrow down the date-randomization issue. Also to SteP for his usual bug-catching ability, and to Ricardo. Thanks guys.

Check out the PmWiki BlogIt project page for a full list of changes, and installation information.


The Green Marinee skin has been around for years. So long ago that the author, Ian Main, no longer has a presence on the web. The theme doesn't have as much white space as most modern skins, but it's a great layout.

PHP strtotime assumptions with European and American date formats


猫和老鼠将拍真人版是怎么回事_猫和老鼠将拍真人版是真的吗 ...:2021-10-16 · 猫和老鼠将拍真人版是怎么回事?猫和老鼠将拍真人版是真的吗?很多小伙伴伊都还不知道,下面就和52z飞翔下载小编一起来 ...

BlogIt has had a persistent, but sporadic problem almost since day one, where saving a blog entry would cause the date to be stored wildly incorrectly. So "11-08-2010" would get stored as "30-Jan-2017". I spent the better 10 hours working with someone who was having a problem with BlogIt, only to discover an hidden assumption in strtotime.

Glossy Hue: PmWiki skin conversion


This is another very early PmWiki skin conversion. And one which has stuck with me. I've used it on my personal blog for years now. It doesn't have any fancy features, just a main section, and a right column, basic blog design. But for me it gels nicely together in an informal airy way.

Skidoo: PmWiki note-taking skin

Skidoo was my first PmWiki skin. I designed it from scratch, specifically for note taking. I use PmWiki to capture all my work and personal notes, and wanted something that provided quick access to recent pages, projects lists, table-of-contents, and most importantly quick access to the pages used on side-bars, headers, footers, etc.

Skiddo has all that. You can quickly edit all the main page elements, to add new links. It also has tabs in the left and right columns which provide access to various pages lists, for recent edits. Not especially pretty, but very functional.

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